Discover the landscape

Koh Chang is the largest island in the National Marine Park, at approximately 429 square kilometres. It was named for its so-called elephant shape. The landscape of this beautiful island contains an array of high mountains regions, complex stone cliffs and deep gorges.

The interior of the island is covered by a dense virgin rain forest. The tallest of Koh Changs Mountains is Kao Salak Phet, which is 744 meters high.


You can go to Klong Plu waterfalls not far from here. A National Park Entrance fee of 200 baht for adults and 100 baht for children is charged.


If you want to rent a kayak, go to our beach in Family restaurant they have one island in front is perfect for snorkeling.

Boat Trip

If you want a non-touristic boat trip with your family or friends we know a fisherman who can drive you to the islands on secret beaches.


Join the Sea Adventures’ Catamaran for an all day luxury cruise to the nearby islands in the south. You will have the opportunity to experience the world under water when the boat stops off shore over colorful coral reefs.

Klong Son Nang Yom Waterfalls

You can also go to Klong Son Nang Yom waterfalls that is more wild and quiet with an entrance of 40 bahts.

Jungle Trekking

Jungle Trekking in the National Park is all about the beautiful air, exercise, tall trees, exotic animals and real adventure. It includes traversing mountains crossing many rivers and going to waterfalls.

Snorkel or Dive Trips

BBdivers, SeaSun and many others five star PADI IDC centers. They offer daily trips to the best dive sites, daily snorkeltrips with professional guidance and PADI courses in many languages.