In Blue Lagoon

In Blue Lagoon we can offer many things to enjoy

Sunset Yogym

To entertain your body join us some days around 5pm on the bridge

Sports, Petank, Boat

Maybe you’ve lost your book, no problem, you will find something to do around the reception


If our coconut, bamboo, or any material give you an idea to build something, let’s do it together!


In grand mother house you can see many old traditionnal objects from our country and also have a massage. Book at the reception

Happy Children

Ou children will be happy to share their games with your children, have many around the playground and the reception. You can also ask for a baby sitter if you need a lazy day.


Walking around the garden, maybe you will discover a plant you don’t know, find its name… We have a kitchen garden too, maybe one day we eat only this! You can also put your seed here, and come back one day to see.

Barbecue Party

Every Tuesday, we organize barbecue party so we can better know each other. We start cooking together at 5pm and finish dancing or playing crazy games (because the whisky is good)


Go to visit Apple in her shop, where you can buy original products from our country


In the restaurant, or at the reception we have many books you can borrow. If you want to bring it, give 2 books keep one. Games you can only borrow, try they are funny!


Cross the bridge and you will find the wonderful and quite beach, with small restaurant that offer fresh fish barbecue every evening.

Lazy day

Do nothing, but do it well!