In Blue Lagoon

In Blue Lagoon we offer plenty of activities to enjoy your stay!

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We often make workshops on Thai traditional festivals, handmade crafts and eco-friendly activities. If you have an idea on how to built something with coconut, bamboo or any material in our surroundings then we would love to hear about it! Let’s do it together!


Maybe you will discover something while walking around the garden, finding out what is this plant called. We also have a kitchen garden and maybe one day we will be able to sustain everything with our own produce. Did we also mention that you are free to plant your seed here? Imagine coming back one day to see the fruits of your labor.

-Barbecue Party

To better know each other, we organize a barbecue party every Tuesday (depending on the season). We cook together at 5:00 pm and finish with dancing or even with a crazy game!

-Happy Children

We have many children around the playground and at the reception. Our children will be very happy to play with yours! You can also ask for a babysitter if you just need a lazy day to yourself.


We have many books that you can borrow at the reception or at the restaurant. If you want to bring it with you just donate one of yours . You can also borrow games as well, just ask our staff!