Our Philosophy

Blue Lagoon resort team is very attached to local roots, we stain to preserve the 10 years ago Thailand style, a Thailand a bit reckless, naive, not always well organized but very human. A smiling Thailand, which seeks pleasure in the details of everyday life, which is attached to its roots, its culture, which fully assumes what it is without really worrying about the big world.

In our bubble, our little world, we use very little cement, chemicals, Western music, we focus on human more than efficiency. we are trying to preserve this territory of the progress of mass tourism, of a logic of profitability any case.

Very concerned about our environment, we develop our land in permaculture, we use organic products that we sometimes home made, sometimes with visitors, we take great care of all the greenery around and try to make our garden a poetic walk.

Very active in the local community, we participate and are force of proposals for a set of fields. Respect for local architecture, urban planning, sustainable development, cleanings of the island logic, the systems of wastewater treatment, solidarity between us, the party and donations to temples.

What we want to share with visitors, this is a place where there is meeting of cultures, intercultural, where people tinker with us, or arranges meeting times around a game, a sport, to an artistic creation, a dance. a place where people feel comfortable with each other and shall exchange easily in the end, a place where tourists can actually experience things with local, meet this Thailand that we love and feel deeply.