Who are we?


A close-knit family of Thai people and French people, mutually passionate about nature and sustainable development, that have been contributing to Blue Lagoon and sharing it with customers for over a decade.

The Thai founders of Blue Lagoon (Meaw and Pia) invited us (the French band) here to live with them at Blue Lagoon. Each of us invests in this venture according to their own means, to share a human experience and life style, rather than a business.

Within this family, Ton Krao (Sproud Rice), manager of Blue Lagoon since inception welcomes you at reception. Na, trained at Pia famous Thai cooking school, wait for you at the Blue Lagoon restaurant.

Within the shareholders, Pon, specialist in permaculture, develops ecological projects for Blue Lagoon. Apple welcomes you at her quirky little shop of home-made products. Chanon (aka Piak), multi-talented artist, provides his experience in the construction of Blue Lagoon.

The French band, passionate about multi-cultural projects, joins Blue Lagoon during high season to help maintain and develop the Blue Lagoon experience.

Together, this international family shares an ideal life with children, frequent and regular travellers, cooks and a handyman, not forgetting the dogs, ducks, chickens, our rooster and a few mosquitos!