Price List

Quiet season(01 May-15 Oct)

BungalowsTypePrice(฿) / Night
Garden Superior B2-B3Aircond1050
Garden Superior B4-B7Aircond900
Garden Standard B1Fan550
Garden Standard E1Fan550
Garden Standard E2Fan450
Eco House 1Fan1100
Eco House 2Fan1500
Lagoon Superior A1-A4Aircond1050
Lagoon Standard D6Fan900
Lagoon Standard D1-D5Fan650
Family House F1-F3Air cond1500
Family House E3Fan1300
Kai Bae House 1Aircond4000
Kai Bae House 2Aircond2800
BungalowsTypePrice(฿) / Night
Garden Superior B2-B3Aircond950
Garden Superior B4-B7Aircond750
Garden Standard B1Fan500
Garden Standard E1Fan500
Garden Standard E2Fan400
Eco House 1Fan1000
Eco House 2Fan1400
Lagoon Superior A1-A4Aircond950
Lagoon Standard D6Fan800
Lagoon Standard D1-D5Fan550
Family House F1-F3Aircond1400
Family HouseE3Fan1200
Kai Bae House 1Aircond4000
Kai Bae House 2Aircond2800
BungalowsTypePrice(฿) / Night
Garden Superior B2-B3Aircond900
Garden Superior B4-B7Aircond650
Garden Standard B1Fan450
Garden Standard E1Fan450
Garden Standard E2Fan350
Eco House 1Fan900
Eco House 2Fan1300
Lagoon Superior A1-A4Air cond900
Lagoon Standard D6Fan750
Lagoon Standard D1-D5Fan500
Family House F1-F3Aircond1300
Family House E3Fan1100
Kai Bae House 1Aircond 3600
Kai Bae House 2Aircond 2520
BungalowsTypePrice(฿) / Night
Garden Superior B2-B3Aircond850
Garden Superior B4-B7Aircond550
Garden Standard B1Fan400
Garden Standard E1Fan400
Garden Standard E2Fan300
Eco House 1Fan800
Eco House 2Fan1200
Lagoon Superior A1-A4Aircond850
Lagoon Standard D6Fan650
Lagoon Standard D1-D5Fan450
Family House F1-F3Aircond1200
Family House E3Fan1000
Kai Bae House 1Aircond 3200
Kai Bae House 2Aircond 2240
BungalowsTypePrice(฿) / Night
Garden Superior B2-B3Aircond800
Garden Superior B4-B7Aircond500
Garden Standard B1Fan350
Garden Standard E1Fan350
Garden Standard E2Fan250
Eco House 1Fan700
Eco House 2Fan1100
Lagoon Superior A1-A4Aircond800
Lagoon Standard D6Fan600
Lagoon Standard D1-D5Fan400
Family House F1-F3Aircond1100
Family House E3Fan900
Kai Bae House 1Aircond 3200
Kai Bae House 2Aircond 2240

High season (16 Oct-14 Dec/17 Jan-30 Apr)

BungalowsTypePrice(฿) / Night
Garden Superior B2-B3Aircond1400
Garden Superior B4-B7Aircond1100
Garden Standard B1Fan750
Garden Standard E1Fan750
Garden Standard E2Fan550
Eco House 1Fan1400
Eco House 2Fan2000
Lagoon Superior A1-A4Aircond1500
Lagoon Standard D1-D5Fan850
Family House F1-F3Aircond2000
Family House E3Fan1500
Kai Bae House 1Aircond5000
Kai Bae House 2Aircond3700

Peak season (15 Dec – 16 Jan)

BungalowsTypePrice(฿) / Night
Garden Superior B2-B3Aircond1700
Garden Superior B4-B7Aircond1400
Garden Standard B1Fan950
Garden Standard E1Fan950
Garden Standard E2Fan700
Eco House 1Fan2000
Eco House 2Fan2400
Lagoon Superior A1-A4Aircond1800
Lagoon Standard D1-D5Fan1000
Family House F1-F3Fan2400
Family House E3Fan1900
Kai Bae House 1Aircond6000
Kai Bae House 2Aircond4200

Extra bed available:
300฿ (peak season), 250฿(high season), 200฿/100฿(low season / depends on the duration of your stay).

*Booking is possible for minimum 2 nights.
*No cancelation refund after check-in.
*Prices do not include breakfast.
*Wifi is at the reception and restaurant.