We deeply concern about our environment, developing our land in permaculture. We use organic products that are mostly homemade and sometimes made by our visitors. We take great care of all the greenery around and try to make our garden a poetic walk.

We federate local personalities around the idea of sustainable development (quite new here) and eco-tourism. Ultimately we want to create a web platform bringing together all the eco-responsible key players of the island – in all areas (elephant parks, organizers of treks in the jungle, diving instructors, local shaman, resorts and others).


We optimize the natural material found in the surrounding nature as much as possible to make bungalows: Soil, elephant dung, coconut fiber, earthbag, leaf etc.. 


It is been 8 years that BLUE LAGOON is developing its place under permaculture process. With this spirits, we create self sufficiency and open-air museum in order to share a simple but extraordinary experience to locals and visitors.

Organic farm

We exchange with the people from various background to develop self-sufficiency in order to offer organic products to our restaurant as well as to our employees.

  1. Organic garden
  2. Organic mushroom house
  3. Happy chicken and duck
  4. Compost


We keep developing our project by learning and sharing the sustainable way of living with various people. Our next project is to make aquaponic farm for producing vegetable s and fish  in the garden. 

Homemade Natural Product

We produce homemade mosquito repellent , natural soap and detergent to encourage people using nature harmless products. We share our recipe through occasional workshop during the high-season.


  1. Biogas
  2. Water filtering system
  3. Clean charcoal biochar
  4. Micro-organism Manufacture
  5. Furniture manufacture

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