Once Upon a Time…

A young woman who believes she is a mermaid was undulating as a floating coconut on the ocean. Her boat was broken so she had had swim until she met a good looking fisherman who saved her life. From these times, this place was a long, sandy, exotic and quiet beach with just coconut trees, fireflies, hermit crabs, geckos, friendly dogs and yes, hungry sand flies too.

They desired a place for someone who is tired, someone who needs to take a deep breath, someone searching for a good rest, someone who wants to listen to the sounds of the ocean as they sit by the beach – thus the Blue Lagoon began.

A man who believes he is a monkey, hanging from tree to tree, having one dream after another, was caught up in the busy city life. 

A French monkey then decided to escape the tree and head off to the sea. He then discovered the mermaid family. the rest was history as both worlds collided with their passion for nature and culture.

They started creating a community of positive energy who share experiences with one another – they slowly have built a family.We invite you to forget all your stress and come join us to be part of our loving family.