Who Are We?


Our Philosophy

The Blue Lagoon resort team is very attached to its local roots, we aim to preserve what was Thailand 10 years ago. A Thailand that is a bit reckless and naive, but very human. A smiling Thailand, which seeks pleasure in the details of everyday life that is attached to its roots and its culture which shows what it is without really worrying about the big world.

We are very active in the local community, we participate and enforce our proposals in sets of fields. Respect for local architecture, urban planning, sustainable development, logistics in island cleanup drive, systems of wastewater treatment, temple donations, and solidarity between us.

In our bubble, our little world, we use very little cement, chemicals and western music. We focus on humans more than efficiency. We are trying to preserve this territory of the progress of mass tourism, of a logic of profitability in any case.

Blue Lagoon Team

The Blue Lagoon Team is a big family born from a bond between Thai and French people, who first became friends, and now, “parents” of many many projects!

Ton Krao (rice sprout), the headmistress of Blue Lagoon since its creation, welcomes you at the reception with her funny sidekick, Jeab.
Ya and Meaw are the owners. Ya, brings our famous Cooking School to life, where she reveals the secrets of the finest Thai cuisine, with erudition and humor. Meanwhile, Meaw is the protecting angel of our gardens and animals.

Jo is enthusiastic about exchanging different cultures and sharing the idea of artistic creation. Jip, Laeti, Fred, Ronan and other villagers bring you smiles and good vibes, often make activities to let people being comfortable to be part of blue lagoon family!
Na and her assistant Jyep, trained at the Cooking School associated with French Chef Sev aka Mama. Chef Sev was part of the French TV show Masterchef. All together, they will introduce you to the exclusive Thai and Fusion cuisine at the restaurant.

Among our associates, Pon, our permaculture specialist takes care of our place with environmental spirit and together we try to find the way living sustainably; Apple, who offers lovely souvenirs in her little handicrafts and organic shop; Air, who welcomes you to her beautiful GuestHouse in Salak Phet, Bann Yemaya; and Chanon aka Piak who is our versatile artist, who showcases his talents on many of our bungalows. He also offers punctual artistic workshops to our guests.

Passionate about intercultural projects, the pack of French comes every high season to develop new activities for the resort and share an idea of life with its inhabitants.
Among those we also count children, regular visitors and friends, cooks, waiters, a gardener, a handyman, cats, dogs, ducks, roosters, chickens, geckos, an eagle couple and … a few mosquitoes!

 We welcome you in here!