In Blue Lagoon

In Blue Lagoon we offer plenty of activities to enjoy your stay!

For the latest information, please check on Facebook!

Steam room & organic shop

We have a sauna room made by Apple, who is from Herbal Learning Center of Klong Olu in Kog Chang. It detoxes your skin with herbal steam. There is also an organic and souvenir shop where you can get home-made soap, shampoo, mosquito repellent and organic tea etc… Check more information on steam room facebook page!


We often make workshops on Thai traditional festivals, also handmade crafts, art lessons and eco-friendly activities. If you have an idea to do something with coconut, bamboo or any natural materials surrounding us then we would love to hear about it! Let’s do it together!

BBQ & Pizza DIY party

There are BBQ equipment and earthen oven made by ourselves in the open space. We regularly organize BBQ party and home-made pizza party to communicate with guests and locals. These equipment are also free to use for people who stay in Blue Lagoon. Please ask at the reception for its availability.

Garden & Playground

You will discover many different kinds of tropical plants, pond and organic garden while you are walking around. In the center of Blue Lagoon, there are many fun playground for children, as well as sports equipment like Petank, badminton/volleyball net, football field.

Art Residence

We accept artist from all around the world, who are interested in exchanging their creativity and culture. Try to find land arts done by them in the garden, which we call it an open-air garden museum.

Library at restaurant

We have many books that you can borrow at the restaurant. If you want to bring it with you just donate one of yours. You can also borrow games as well, ask our staff!